retired before 30 club

A NFT project on the Solana blockchain aiming to bring retirement saving into the future. We are the only Solana NFT project offering life changing APY on stablecoin. If that sounds good join the community and we can all retire and enjoy life before it is too late…


Minting (TBA) on Solana blockchain


Start of development of the staking Platform. 

We have limited funds but limitless ambition. To ensure a great platform that is efficient and works amazingly, we plan to invest heavily in our platform development.


Announcement of our NFT holder competition

Only open to holders of the NFT, we will be announcing the competition to give people time to prepare before competition starts!


1 Rolex Datejust will be given to Winner of the competition

We will also be accepting applications for a part time research role around this time. So get your resumes ready!


future plans

In terms of future development our main goal is to reduce the risk as much as possible while keeping at least a 40% APY. This could result in multiple changes as the project develops such as our methods of obtaining our APY and changing lockup terms. Rest assured we will always consult our holders before any change is made to unsure that we are transparent and our stakers know what their money is being used for.

Even though our first priority will be to reduce risk as much as possible. We will always be looking for ways to increase our APY while still managing risk. We aim to be a peoples project, so we are always open to ideas and will rigorously test them before we even consider pushing it forward.

Goals & key information

  • The only Solana nft project creating passive income from stablecoin
  • Provide people with early retirement opportunities
  • Completely whitewash and outperform average index funds
  • Revolutionize the way we save for retirement
  • To bring retirement saving and income into the future
  • Make big solid gains accessible to people
  • Use Stablecoin only to reduce coin price anxiety
  • Create a true form of passive income
  • Make sure that even the safety APY still outperforms average index funds

Process of staking

  • Connect your wallet to our staking platform
  • Put in the amount of USDT you would like to invest
  • It may take up to a week for us to get your funds working
  • Once it is in, there is a minimum of 3 months of lockup and after you are free to withdraw after every month
  • You will be able to see earnings every month (e.g, Deposited on 6th April, you will be able to see earnings on 6th May, 6th June etc.)
  • The rarity of each NFT will determine withdraw tax (5% for super rare, 10% for rare and 15% for common)



Head of Project




Head of Social Media & Marketing


Yes, our head of the project plans to do a Q&A on our discord, once we have built up a good following, where he will do a face reveal, introduce himself and answer any questions.

Minting date is TBA, however Whitelist minting will start day before public mint, please keep a close eye on our twitter and discord for up to date news.

Due to us using stablecoin as a staking token rather than our own token, it means that funds are handled manually. Therefore the lockup reduces the amount of workload needed at once, which will heavily reduce mistakes that could be made on our end. Therefore ensuring the safety of your funds.

We will always aim to strive for minimum 40% APY, market permitting. However we do have a safety level of 12%-20% if there is a temporary downturn.

We do our best to minimize the risk as much as possible, however like anything in crypto there is some level of risk. So when staking it is advised, for now, to only stake an amount you are comfortable with. 


Our future development plan is to try and develop the project into being as low risk as possible before we try increasing the APY. 

We use a combination of Yeild farming and Crypto lending in combination for great APY while managing risk. 


In our future plans we plan to branch out to other methods in the aim of reducing risk and increasing APY.

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